Momona Ethiopian Journal of Science (MEJS) is established in December 2008 by Mekelle University to promote the cause of advanced study and research in all branches of physical, biological, chemical, geological and computational sciences. It provides a platform for the scientists to exchange ideas among themselves and interact with industry. It is a peer-reviewed international interdisciplinary electronic science e-journal and is available on since 2009 with free access. Two issues are published in a year in English and constitute one volume per year. The journal operates in a manner similar to a conventional paper journal but at no cost to the user to read or publish manuscripts.

MEJS also provides a platform for communication and exchange of research results and other general information among scientists and others concerning Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and related disciplines. It tries to act as an international forum for the scientific community to undertake discussion of techniques and approaches, leading to a higher degree of efficiency in scientific knowledge and its application on the ground. At the same time, MEJS being an e-journal facilitates rapid review, speedy processing of manuscripts and timely dissemination of information.


Publication of research results and exchange of information is essential to the growth of any discipline. There are several international and national journals available for scientists to publish their research results. Among them, some are highly specialized and dedicated to a particular profession or discipline. MEJS has come into existence as a broad-based multi-disciplinary journal to cover all aspects from basic to applied research works which are related to Natural and Computational Sciences in general and Earth Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics in particular. MEJS though initiated as paper (print) journal (ISSN: 2073-073X), from this issue onwards it will be available as an e-journal with its own identity number (ISSN: 2220-184X). The online version will be strengthened further in future keeping in view the need to make MEJS a truly international journal and serve the international scientific community by providing information free of charge on World Wide Web (WWW). The online version makes the present initiative possible and provides a suitable mechanism for widespread dissemination of information globally.

Aims and Scope of the Journal

Momona Ethiopian Journal of Science (MEJS) is a free access e-journal devoted primarily to the original contributions containing original scientific findings in any of the science fields, having national or international appeal and significance. It is aimed to publish the research output mainly related to Earth Science, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Computational Sciences; and focuses on all aspects of geology, chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics and related areas. It publishes original peer-reviewed scientific papers, covering both basic and applied aspects of science including interdisciplinary researches. It will also include short communications, invited review papers, general review articles, book reviews, letters to the Editor, comments and critique of published materials, information related to conferences and any other relevant topics. Papers from researchers working in different sectors, academic institutions, industry, companies etc having national/international interest are accepted for publication.

Peer Review
The manuscripts will be reviewed initially by the Board and later by two reviewers who are experts/specialists in the respective fields working in academic institutions, industries, companies and/or working as consultants either in Ethiopia or elsewhere. The Board will identify suitable experts and obtain their comments related to quality, size, type and suitability of the manuscript. Based on comments, if necessary, the manuscripts will be sent to third reviewer for comments. Majority opinion will prevail. In special cases, the Board will take the final decision.

Quality Assurance

Quality being critical and essential for survival and sustenance of the journal, the Board makes all possible efforts to establish reputation as a quality journal and takes the responsibility for quality control. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for overall operation of the journal, organizing the Board for reviewing manuscripts, selecting qualified and expert reviewers and maintaining quality standards. In view of keeping the focus of the journal and gaps in the scientific knowledge the Board will make sure broad geographic and subject matter representation.

Article Processing Charges (APC)
MEJS publishes all articles free of cost. It will not charge any processing fee in any form.