Polypropylene Nano-composites at High Strain Rate Impacts: Characterization, Failure Modes, and Modeling

  • Shishay Amare Gebremeskel
  • Neelanchali Asija
  • Hemant Chouhan
  • Naresh Bhatnagar
Keywords: Nano-composite, Impact behaviour, Analytical modelling, Polypropylene, Failure mode.


As a major challenge, development of light-weight fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite body armour, characterization of candidate matrix polymers at high strain rate impact is the focus in this research. Polypropylene (PP) and the nano-composites with 1-5% by weight of NC (nanoclay) platelets are the candidates considered. In the characterization phase, high strain rate impact and quasi-static loading tests were performed to figure out the limiting (failure) responses. Comparison between the material systems is, subsequently, made to nominate one matrix configuration. Enhancements of mechanical properties with increase in weight percentage of the nanoparticles are observed at both quasi-static and dynamic loadings. Observations of dispersed imposed failure modes, development of novel model for failure modulus and evaluation of peak strength values are also attempted.


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