Simulation of Phase Meter Using TINA Software

  • Chaudhari A. J
  • Waghulade R. B
Keywords: TINA, Simulation, Multipliers, Virtual instruments, Transient analysis, Phase.


The use of a circuit simulator is more and more crucial in designing electrical and electronic gadgets. This technique makes it possible to obtain results when the hardware is unavailable or very costly. Simulations are widely used in the industry hence it is necessary to use it astutely. Authors tried to study an important concept about “Squaring a Signal” and further it is extended to design and simulation of phase meter. Squaring a sinusoidal lead doubling its frequency and adding the dc component. In this study squaring sine wave with frequency of 5KHz gives a negative cosine wave with frequency 10KHz along with a dc term of 2V. TINA software is used for this study. TINA software has ability to perform DC analysis, AC analysis and transient analysis. Transient analysis calculates the circuit response to various input waveforms. Results are analyzed using transient analysis for sinusoidal input.


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